Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace in London is one of the most iconic buildings in the world.



I was born in Swansea and although our family moved away when I was only 7 years old I still strongly identify with the country and town.

Croatia - Split - Waterfront

Croatia - Split

Split is a city in the Croatian region of Dalmatia, on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, centred on the structure of the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian and its bay and port.

Le Gazoline


I have only ever been to Brittany and that was in 2018. The pages for that trip will appear shortly.



My wife and I have managed to visit Athens, Crete (a couple of times), Macedonia, Mykanos and Santorini.

Arch of Constantine and  Colosseum

Italy - Rome

I want to go back!

I have always loved Roman history and unsurprisingly Rome is full of it. There is just so much to see that you cannot do it all in one trip. We had 4 or 5 days there and it was just not enough.

Fondamenta Vin Costello

Italy - Venice

Maestre and Venice we a starting point for us when we took a cruise. Personally I am not a fan of cruises but I am a fan of this city.

Madeira - Camara De Lobos - Cabo Girao


We are lucky enough to have a time-share apartment in Funchal and have been returning to the island for about 15 years and that is not something I ever thought I would do.



Going to Madeira so much has made us think of Portugal as a place to see and we love it. We have now been to Lisbon, the Algarve and Viseu which is up near Porto.

Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballer?a de Ronda


Barcelona is a brilliant place to visit of course and we have also been to Andalusia a fair few times. We have also visited Valencia, Murcia and other parts briefly too. Spain is so much more than the Costa's.



Ephesus is a fantastic Greco-Roman site that was long on my list of things to do. Not managed to get to Istanbul yet though.

Cars 4


One day soon Cuba will change and that will be thebetter for the Cubans. They deserve more than the poverty they are stuck with. Of course that will change the nature of Cuba itself. So long as it can resist become an extension of Florida and retain some of its spirit I would go back again.

Picture 044


This was my wife's dream holiday - a Nile cruise seeing all the ancient sites followed by extra days in Cairo. Would not have missed this for the world.



We dropped in here as part of a cruise and I must say that arriving at dawn and leaving again at sunset is a feast for the eyes.


United Arab Emirates

We were lucky enough to have friends that worked in Abu Dhabi and so visits to them meant that we got to see places we would not normally have considered. Dubai is just a short drive from there too.

Kennedy Space Center 095

United States of America

Years ago when I was 7 my dad worked for 3M and we came out to the States for 6 months while he worked there. I have no pictures from then. But in 1989 I returned for a few months as I worked for an American firm too. I don't have any pictures from then either. But I do have some pictures from a trip to Florida and then in 2018 we made a road trip with some friends going from Nashville, through Memphis and then on to New Orleans.

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My name is Michael Gaylard and these are my personal web pages.

I have nothing to sell, I have nothing to offer or provide free, and I certainly no wisdom to impart.

These pages are pretty much for my benefit but if you find something of interest here then all well and good.

Aside for the blurb all about myself you will find here some of the results from my family history research. I have researched rather more than just my immediate family and have cast my net fairly widely over the Gaylard family name so if you have an interest in the name then please ask as I may have some information to share.

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