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Locomotive 263 Departing Sheffield Park Station 4

Locomotive 263 Departing Sheffield Park Station

Bluebell Railway, East Sussex

OK, I went to East Sussex which is only the next county but I had to travel to get there!

The Bluebell Railway is an 11 mi heritage line almost entirely in West Sussex in England, except for Sheffield Park which is in East Sussex. It is managed by the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society.Wikipedia
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Full On Spinning

Full On Spinning

Wings Aviation Museum

This is a Merlin engine, 1 of 4 recovered from a Handley Page bomber. The aircraft crashed in 1943, shot down over Germany. The engines remained buried in the ground until 2010 when they were recovered by the Germans who then passed them onto the MoD who then passed them onto the Wings Museum in Sussex. They have managed to restore this engine to working order whilst retaining 90% of the original components.

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Craft Market, New Orleans

Craft Market, New Orleans

American Roadtrip

In September 2018 I celebrated the end of being 59 by going a road trip with my wife and another couple (my friend Nicjk has his birthday the day after me) and we started off In Nashville, then went through Memphis, Vicksburg, Natchez and New Orleans.

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Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque

Abu Dhabi

I had the good fortune to have an old friend of mine that went to work in Abu Dhabi and was kind enough to have my wife and I visit on a few occasions.

So I have been able to visit the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque a few times and it is simply a wonderful and inspiring place to visit.

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Burj Khalifa at night

Burj Khalifa at night


Abu Dhabi's bigger an brasher brother is only a short drive away down a long multi-lane highway.

To my mind this shot looks something like "Gotham City" or something out of a fantasy novel. Part office and part residential the building takes on a different character in the night I feel. At the foot of the tower are lakes and fountains with loads of restaurants and a shopping mall. I know! It's like somthing you might have built in a game of Sim City!

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Cars 4-tiltshift

Cars in Parque Central


The cars are immaculately preserved but the engines and gearboxes are mostly new and from Hyundai. Still, they look good don't they?

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Mercado do Boqueria

Mercado do Boqueria


The Mercado do Boqueria is first and foremost a working market and is full of locals getting their daily foodstuffs. It is also a brilliant place to go and get some lunch as there all kinds of bars there for meats, seafood, cheeses and of course alcohol and coffee. It is vibrant with life and colour.

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Atlantic Firework Festival

Atlantic Firework Festival


Every June in Madeira they have the Atlantic Festival and each weekend a different Nation provides a firework display. This is supposedly the largest firework display in Europe.

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Cap Frehel 3

Cap Frehel


My wife's sister and her husband owned a property in Brittany and we went to visit once. I love this particular shot because of its sparseness. I am also drawn to lighthouses as my great-grandfather was a lighthouse keeper back in the latter end of the 19th century

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Pantheon Dome

Pantheon Dome


I loved Rome. There is just so much to see that a four day stay just scratches at the surface, but what a surface! We spent a whole day at the forum but could easily go back for more, especially the Palatine Hill.

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We were here for a few days as we waited to start a cruise.

I hate cruises and the cruise ships are a blight on the skyline of a place like Venice where they litteraly and figuratively swamp the city.

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Agios Nikolaos



We have been to Crete a couple of times and I think it is a wonderful place to visit. We have also been to Athens, Mykanos and Santorini but it was here that I liked the most.

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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel


The Pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx, Luxor, Karnak, they are all great but here at Abu Simbel I just fell mhy jaw drop open in absolute awe at what I was seeing.

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The calcium deposits and springs are well wroth the visit. There is a lot to see in Turkey, Ephesus is one place, but their is also Hieropolis which is a Roman site adjacent to Pamakkule

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Praca do Commercio



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Hello, my name is Michael Gaylard and I am someone that likes to travel and photographs - strictly amateur - and by day I work as as a database developer and have been in IT for about 35 years.

My home is now in West Sussex but I have moved around a bit; I was born in Wales but moved to the North East as a child before coming down to West Sussex in my early teens. My adult life has kept me in the South of England, mostly Surrey and Sussex but also straying into Hampshire, Somerset, London and once even in to Dallas, Texas for a few months of working.

I do like travel and experiencing different cultures; for me a beach is not really a holiday but a warm rest; I like to see the sights and hopefully find some of my own and that is what I am hoping this website can display.

But let me be honest, this is a vanity project and little more.

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Currently I am using a second-hand Nikon D600, prior to that I had a D3200 and before that it was a Fuji FinePix S5600.

As for lenses I currently use the following:
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  3. Sigma 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM

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