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Abstract or Odd


And Then There Was Light

Sky Light

The Skylight in a Shopping Mall


A Cow looking out from a shop door

Jagged Trails


A Sky Full Of Umbrellas.jpg

Recycling Plastic as Street Art

You see all sorts of things here

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Marie on the ceiling.jpg

Glass Floor and Mirrored Ceiling at Tower Bridge

Gargoyle with perfectly timed and placed aircraft vapour trails

Gargoyle with perfectly timed and placed aircraft vapour trails


Gargoyle in Barcelona


Sunrise in Dubai Reflected in a Glass Building

Ball Bearings

Fireworks from the Atlantic Festival in Madeira

Bokeh Effect on Stage Lights, Club Tropicana, Havana

Club Tropicana Lights - Havana - Cuba



Concorde Landing Carriage Components

Concorde Landing Gear Components

Jet Turbine Blades

Jet Turbine Blades

Glass Sculptures and The Hive at Kew Gardens, London

2019 Throught The Arches

Through The Arches of the Ouse Valley Viaduct, Balcombe

Pantheon Roof 04

Pantheon Ceiling, Rome

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