Black and Pink On Green
Three On A Tree
Perched On A Branch
On A Wet Leaf
Orhange and Black
Feeding On Grapes 3
Moth 4
moth 3
moth 2
moth 1
Feeding On Oranges
Feeding On Grapes 2
Feeding From A Hanging Basket
Emma and Butterfly
Butterfly On Emmas Shoulder
Black and Red
Black and Red on Yellow 3
BLack and Red on Red
Black and Red on Red 2
Birds of a feather
Bird Tail
Bird 4
Bird 3
Bird 1
I like Salad

Mariposario de Benalmadena

This is an absolutely wonderful place to visit and I would say good for all ages. Kids will love it and so will adults.

The recommended duration is listed as an 1 hour but I reckon that double that is more like the time you will need.

Apart from an abundance of beautiful butterflies there are also birds and some iguanas to see too, oh and moths and even a wallaby.

You are walking in amongst all of this and a butterfly or two may even land on you.

They are jaw dropping in their variety and beauty.

It is very warm in there but you can pop in and out and go to cafeteria and then go back in refreshed. The cafe is pretty good too and so is the gift shop.

The above is my review on Trip Advisor so have a click and see more reviews.

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