Well The Water Is Cold

Well The Water Is Cold

I Am The Walrus

Splish Splash
Walrus says goodbye
Walrus says goodbye 2

The Dolphin Exhibition

Pair In The Air

Pair In The Air
Pair In The Air Edit
Leaping 8

Look Mum, I Can Leap and Leap

Leaping 2
Leaping 5
Leaping 1

They Call Him Flipper

Flip part 3 small

And this is my impression of a salmon

And this is my impression of a salmon 2

Pretty Flamingoes


Selwo Marina

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According To VisitCostaDelSol.com

Selwo Marina, in Benalmádena, is an innovative concept in parks where you can get to know different emblematic animals of the world, with ideas aimed at bringing you up close and teaching you to respect them, with three key objectives: discover, learn and enjoy. The Park has attractions such as the Dolphin Demonstration, an innovative activity where you find out more about this emblematic ambassador for marine life. There are also ideas such as the exhibition of exotic birds, talks such as Feeding the Penguins, where you can get to know the King, Gentoo, Macaroni and Magellanic species, or visits to the great aviary, The Tropics, and the Tropical Forest, and the land of the squirrel monkeys. Selwo Marina also offers the Unique Experiences, a complete programme of interaction activities with its most charismatic species such as Meet the Dolphins, Swim with Sea Lions, Meet the Penguins and the VIP Visit.

According To Me

The Dolphin show is the thing to see here and it was really good fun. The Walrus was entertaining too. For us things were a little less engaging when you went off and visited the other areas. The Amazonia area was excellent and worth a slow walk through but really I am not so sure about the rest to be honest. Some of the areas are just a little bit spartan, not too much to see. I suppose that part of the problem is that we had already been to the Fuengirola Bioparc and that really is a full day out!

We found that this place was a good way to spend a half-day but you would really be pushing it if you stayed longer.

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