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Revisited in 2022

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Lymington Marina-7760 copy

Lymington Quayside-7741

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Lymington River-7775 copy

Royal Lymington Sailing Club - Vamp -7345 copy

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Yacht Haven Lymington Wight Link Ferry Approaching -7392 copy

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Lymington Seawater Swimming Baths-7757 copy

Royal Lymington Sailing Club-7347 copy

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Yacht Haven Lymington Wight Link Ferry Approaching -7395 copy

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Lymington Marina-7772

Lymington Quayside-7745 copy

Lymington River towards Hurst Castle-7777 copy

Lymington WightLink Ferry Terminal-7746 copy

Royal Lymington Sailing Club-7368 copy

Wight Link Ferry from Yarmouth 780_7724-1

Yacht Haven Lymington Wight Link Ferry Approaching -7396 copy

About Lymington

Lymington itself began as an Anglo-Saxon village. The Jutes arrived in the area from the Isle of Wight in the 6th century and founded a settlement called Limentun.[citation needed] The Old English word tun means a farm or hamlet whilst limen is derived from the Ancient British word lemanos meaning an elm tree.

Lymington was famous for salt-making from the Middle Ages up to the 19th century. There was an almost continuous belt of salt workings along the coast toward Hurst Spit. From the early 19th century, Lymington had a thriving shipbuilding industry, particularly associated with Thomas Inman, builder of the schooner Alarm, which famously raced the American yacht America in 1851. Much of the town centre is Victorian and Georgian, with narrow cobbled streets in the area of the quay.